Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I moved! Circle lenses on the NEWS and Ulzzangs?

I moved!
In my other blog, i didn't really have a good camera to take pictures with, but now i do. For some reason, in my head, i keep telling myself that i can't post something unless i have a camera, but now i do!
So I'll become active in posting something or commenting in your blogs once again.

Reason why i suddenly wanted to post something?
I was just on yahoo answers and lookie at what i saw!


Its a story on circle lenses, they say that women suddenly want to make their eyes so much bigger because of that one video from Lady Gaga and this one video from michelle pham

Lady gaga: Bad romance

Michelle Pham:

In my head, i was like 'whuuuuut?' lady gaga? i thought people would mainly want circle lenses to look anime-ish, ulzzang, gyaru, etc etc
Seems as though Michelle Pham has popularized it a lot.(WHOA THAT'S A LOT OF VIEWS)

Seems like everyone in California, knows about circle lenses, well at least, the asian people i know. (a lot of people in cali are asians) and they all try to do the ulzzang look. At least some of the teens i know do.

An example of Ulzzang(in case you didn't know)
Originated in korea, it consists of fair skin(bb cream), circle lenses, black eyeliner, and white eyeliner/shimmer stick at the inner corners of the eyes
It's suppose to be a dolly/innocent look.

and of course, MILLIONS of youtube tutorials for achieving the look and slideshows of it

Ulzzang is pronounced (ool-chang) or (ool-jang) aha, i forgot, but its definetly not (ool-zang)

Yea, i wanted to try ulzzang at one point, but i didn't want to. You know why? 'Cause I'll end up looking like a 10 year old!

Want to try it for fun?